The Star of Asia International Business icon Award 2023

In the world of glittering jewels and shining achievements, one remarkable individual has been recognized for his outstanding contributions. Dr. Mohammad Manzoor Abdulsalam, the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Al Muqtadir Gold and Diamond Manufacturing and Wholesale Jewellery Group, has been honored with the prestigious Star of Asia International Business Icon Award 2023!

Imagine a bright evening where stars weren’t just in the sky but also in a grand hall filled with people applauding someone special. That someone special was Dr. Mohammad Manzoor Abdulsalam. He stood tall, proud, and happy as he received an award that meant a lot to him.

The Star of Asia International Business Icon Award is like a shiny trophy given to someone who has done really amazing things in the business world. And Dr. Mohammad Manzoor Abdulsalam truly deserved it!

He was given this award because he’s been excellent in what he does. You see, he’s not just someone who works with gold and diamonds; he’s a person who has made a big, positive difference in that world. He’s brought new ideas, worked really hard, and helped many people by being so good at what he does.

Can you imagine how exciting it must have been for Dr. Mohammad Manzoor Abdulsalam to stand in front of everyone and receive such a special award? Just like when we do something really good and our family or friends cheer for us, he had a whole room cheering for his amazing achievements!

This award isn’t just for him; it’s also for all the hard work, dedication, and great ideas that he and his team put together. It’s a celebration of teamwork and effort!

So, let’s give a big round of applause to Dr. Mohammad Manzoor Abdulsalam for his excellence and fantastic contributions to the world of gold, diamonds, and making a positive difference! He’s truly a shining star in the business world.